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Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence is a business process that extends beyond the training environment to a company's business planning and operational practices. It is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that are designed to enable individuals/agencies to respond effectively and with respect to people of all cultures, classes, races, ethnic backgrounds, and religions while recognizing the differences and protecting and preserving the dignity of all people.

SPW’s approach recognizes the full spectrum of corporate culture issues, not generally addressed in discussions about cultural competence: reorganizations, mergers, technology, generational differences, sexual orientation and families. We work with organizations to ensure alignment in policy and procedure, practices, performance management, and organizational outcomes. Our facilitated class-room experience is based on 25 years of nationally recognized industry practice. Founded in 1994, our clients include Federal, State and Municipal agencies.

SPW’s Cultural Competency in Child Welfare Practice curriculum is child-centered, family-focused and culturally responsive. It is based on leading children’s services agencies, the University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and best practices in Cultural Competence.

Our facilitators represent the diversity of your client base and your employee workforce. We speak four languages and possess years of experience in adult education.

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